Google website ranking optimization service
Improve website traffic and keyword ranking, create high-quality user experience, and have professional search engine optimization services to help your website ranking to Google search engine home pag

Search engine optimization (SEO) usually refers to subtle modifications of various parts of the website, which can improve the website’s display rate in search engines. When combined with other optimizations, it can have a significant impact on the user experience and the effectiveness of the website in natural search results.


Search engine optimization is to help search engines understand and present content. Google optimization refers to the search characteristics of the Google search engine, so that the web design is suitable for the search principle of the Google search engine (that is, friendly to the search engine), so as to obtain the various behaviors included in the Google search engine and rank first.

In addition, Google is also looking for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) pages. This format is specifically for blog posts and articles, and when clicked from the search results, it can be loaded very quickly. In addition to providing readers with a better experience, it also improves the search engine optimization of websites that use them.

HTTPS is just a protocol that ensures that your website is viewed through a secure connection. In order to be able to add it to an HTTP web address, you need to obtain a so-called SSL (secure proprietary layer) certificate. This allows the visitor data of the website to be encrypted and protected. Google has made it clear that having HTTPS is a considerable transaction, and the search engine results page (SERP) also shows this. The Chrome browser has begun implementing warnings on non-HTTPS websites. This may have an impact on the user ’s experience and prevent them from browsing your website or purchasing your services.

Google is a fully automatic search engine that uses web crawling tools to continuously crawl pages to find websites that can be added to the Google index. In fact, most sites that appear in Google search results are not submitted manually, but are automatically found and added when Google crawls the page.

Index-Google stores all pages it knows in the index. The index entry of each page describes the content and location (URL) of the page. Indexing refers to the process of Google crawling, reading web pages and adding them to the index. For example: Google indexed multiple pages on my website today.

Crawling-The process of finding new pages or updating pages. Google will find the URL by reading the site map or various other methods through the following links. Google crawls them to search for new pages and then indexes them (if applicable).

Crawling tool-an automatic software that can crawl (extract) web pages from the web and index them.

Google robot-the common name of Google search engine. Google robots will continue to crawl pages.

SEO-search engine optimization: the process of making your website easier to be captured and indexed by search engines; it can also refer to the positions of people engaged in search engine optimization, for example: we have just hired a new SEO to improve our online presence On the exposure.

The first step in a website appearing in Google search results is to ensure that Google can find it. The best way is to submit a site map. A site map is a file on a website that can notify search engines of new pages or updated pages. Google will also find pages through links on other pages.

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