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Improve website traffic and keyword ranking, create high-quality user experience, and have professional search engine optimization services to help your website ranking to Google search engine home pag

Website loading speed

Google also pays more and more attention to website loading speed, and it will also become one of many factors that affect the ranking of websites. A good website loading speed can improve the user experience of visitors, thereby increasing the conversion rate of potential visitors.

Website page TDK optimization

Page tkd refers to all pages, not just websites. All we have to do is write each page tkd differently, increasing the probability of page inclusion.

Page keyword layout

Usually the page only needs to be optimized for three words, and then adding it will disperse the weight, and the ranking will be slow. For a website with many keywords to be optimized, several more web pages can be designed for optimization, and the effect will be better. Priority layout page and column headings, keywords and description tags, followed by page name, picture alt and page text, and tag tags.


In-site links allow search engines to understand the overall structure of the site, and effective in-site links also facilitate visitors ’reading experience on the site.

Anchor text links are very useful. We should try to make links in the text instead of pictures. This is because the effect of a simple text link is much better than the picture. The optimization in the logo station is to separate the anchor text and the picture.

Graphic and text combination

By adding pictures, videos, charts, ordered list items and other elements to the content, this can not only enrich the content of the web page, help complete the expression of the page content, but also allow users to add some eye-catching fun during the reading process .


Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design is a website design technology. Through RWD design, the website can be adaptively changed on different devices so that visitors can experience a good experience on different devices.

AMP is an open source project led by Google to create a mobile website architecture that can load faster. With a more lightweight website architecture, JavaScript, CSS, the website can be different from the general website, which can greatly improve the loading of the website Speed ​​and improve the user experience of visitors.

Progressive Web Apps progressive website application program, designed to allow all browsers to access the website normally, while complying with RWD technology, can adapt to various device platforms and sizes.

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