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External links and import links, also known as backlinks (backlinks), refer to links from external sites to your website. The quality and quantity of backlinks will directly affect the ranking of the website. Having high-quality backlinks will make search engines increase their trust in the website. Many search engines such as Google will weigh the overall quality of the website by examining the backlinks of the website.

optimizing backlinks

When doing reverse link optimization, you cannot simply pursue quantity. Factors such as quality and appearance should be considered together, and the word natural must be followed. Do not obtain backlinks through illegal and illegal means, as this will result in severe punishment on the website.

Issues that should be noted when optimizing backlinks are:

The number of links should remain stable and continue to grow

The number of backlinks is naturally as high as possible, but never add too many backlinks in a short period of time. Search engines are looking for natural and growing backlinks. This kind of unnatural backlink growth is likely to cause the site to enter the sandbox effect (Sandbox), and may also be punished by search engines.

Quality of backlinks

The quality of the backlink refers to the relevance of the content of the link and the content of the website, as well as the ranking of the pages that provide the link. Generally speaking, the higher the relevance of backlinks to a website, the better the quality of the website and the more likely it is to be valued by search engines. A high-quality backlink can even be lower than hundreds of spam backlinks. The quality of backlinks often has a greater impact on website ranking than quantity.

Where backlinks appear on website pages

If circumstances permit, try to make the backlink appear at the head of the page. Generally speaking, the weight of this part of the page is higher, and the weight may be lower in the future.
According to the above points, the reasonable setting of backlinks can affect the ranking of the website. When you need more website optimization services, please contact us, contact number: 18988793204 or 15361814538.

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