Google website ranking optimization service
Improve website traffic and keyword ranking, create high-quality user experience, and have professional search engine optimization services to help your website ranking to Google search engine home pag

The ranking obtained through SEO is more durable, when the website obtains a higher ranking, it will last longer, and the cost is low (no need to pay to search engines). After the payment of SEM is stopped, the traffic brought by it will gradually disappear  Off.

Users access the website through natural search and have a higher sense of trust. Old netizens are already immune to the search engine’s advertising position, and the position of SEM is often automatically ignored by users.

The process of improving the ranking of a website through SEO is actually the process of a website practicing its own internal strengths, which helps to improve the user experience in the long term
So if you want to get better and longer-lasting website rankings and traffic, you must go through search engine optimization:
Optimize website layout: The principle of search engine is very complicated, but for SEO, search engine can be understood as a crawler. If you want to get more content, you need to optimize the website layout to reduce the workload of search engine crawler. So flat information architecture and concise and clear URL design are very popular with crawlers.

Improve the title and description: Even if the user searches your website through search keywords, and if the title and description do not attract him, then he will not click in, which will not form positive feedback for SEO.

Key words for optimization: First of all, you need to figure out which users your website needs to attract? What is their portrait? When they need to visit your website or a similar function website, what keywords do they search? Commonly used analysis tools are: Baidu Index, Google Trends, 360 Index, WeChat Index, Sogou Index, Toutiao Index, etc. Some big keywords are difficult to rank in front, so you need to start with the subdivided keywords, and then Edit premium content.

The construction of the internal chain structure: the internal chain refers to the backlinks from other pages of your own website, generally expressed as recommended reading of other pages under a topic, etc. This method can indeed improve the ranking of the website on the search engine.

Increase external links: Because search engines have a way to judge the quality of websites, similar to the evaluation of excellent papers, the more times they are indexed, the greater the influence of the paper. The same is true for websites. The more links that point to you, the greater the weight given to you by search engines. There are usually exchanged links for obtaining external links. It is recommended that the number of friendly links be around 30.

Attention should also be paid to the process of website optimization and construction:
The content should grow naturally under the normal trend. Search engines basically have a sandbox mechanism to fight against spam websites. When submitting URLs to search engines, there will generally be a sandbox period of 3-6 months. Fill in high-quality content. If a large number of external links suddenly appear during this time with black hat SEO, it will greatly reduce the trust of search engines on the website, which will affect the ranking of the website and even be rejected.

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