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When building a wordpress website, many people like to use plug-ins to achieve its powerful functions, but this is also one of the reasons that makes the website slower. So we need to improve the performance of the website and speed up the operation of the website.
There are many ways to increase the loading speed. Today I will introduce some of the more conventional ones. If you have more and better methods, please comment below.

Choice of web hosting

A good host can provide smooth access conditions. Choosing a good host will play a significant role in the operation of your website and later promotion and operation.
Friends who often use WordPress to build websites will consider the factors of filing. If friends who often purchase foreign hosting or cloud services, vps and other servers, they can go to host evaluation sites such as Webhostinggeeks and webhostingtalk.

Website theme and frame selection

Choose a simple and lightweight theme as much as possible. A well-coded WordPress theme is definitely good for children’s shoes with poor servers. Because the more things you load, the worse your website will perform.

Install cache cleanup plugin

For WordPress users, the easiest and fastest way is to use existing WordPress plugins to implement a caching system. After a successful cache, when someone comes to visit, the server will show the cached page to the user without re-querying your database or dynamically generating pages, which can speed up your page response time and save server resource requests.

Try to use CDN to speed up

Using cloud storage services such as CSN acceleration, you can distribute static resources that cache your website, such as pictures, scripts, css files, etc., which can speed up your website speed. Not only are these resources loading faster, if you use a CDN, your main server will reduce the content processing load, thereby providing better performance to process the rest of the site.
Generally speaking, these static resources will be cached on your CDN server to provide to your visitors. This ensures that the content loaded on your site is displayed to your users as quickly as possible.

Enable gzip compression

Turning on Gzip compression on a website can significantly increase the loading speed of web pages, so most websites will turn on this feature.
Generally, there are the following 6 methods to enable gzip compression:
Open Gzip compression by modifying index.php file
Enable Gzip compression via .htaccess
Enable Gzip compression via php.ini
Install gzippy plugin to enable Gzip compression
Use the WP Super Cache plug-in to bring Gzip compression

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