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The quality of the website directly affects our visits, consultations, and conversions. On the Internet, users ca n’t see the real products, but can only be determined through the landing page of the website.

We can improve the user experience of our users when searching through good ideas, so as to attract users to click. When our users reach our website, we must plan a very high-quality website to improve the user experience and allow users to continue to browse our website.

How to optimize the production of landing pages that increase website traffic?

Landing pages are often used in advertising. The page we go to after we click on the ad is the landing page. The most important part of the content of your website / landing page is the reason for purchase and action instructions. You can think of the landing page as a webpage that lures users to take action. Actions can be consulting, downloading, buying, etc. The account structure in our usual accounts, adding good keywords and creativity, is mainly to bring precision and precision to the company. Reduce the cost of traffic. It can be said that the landing page is a one-stop page to solve your customers’ pre-sale problems.

The design of the landing page of the website needs to be instructive, and its guiding products or guiding sentences such as discounts, events, new products, and popular products must be reasonably distributed on the page, so that its marketing promotion can be rewarded to the user. To guide users to convert;We need to understand that customers do not know their needs from the beginning, but a process of continuous recognition. This process is our marketing process. Therefore, the essence of marketing is not to promote products, but to guide customers to understand his needs and provide a reason for purchasing decisions.

When our user clicks on the idea and reaches the landing page of the website, our promotion stage completes the first task, and then we want to let the landing page attract users to browse, poke the user’s pain points, meet user needs, and make users interested. To the final conversion order volume.

In SEO optimization, the marketing landing page is the design focus. The website’s role is to expand traffic, diversion, interception, and effect conversion; the website’s landing page refers to the page that the link guides the user to enter. We call it the landing page; its optimization purpose is to guide the user to Browse its pages to increase users’ interest in products or services ~

The marketing design of the landing page in website optimization is its initial positioning choice. The page guides users to design their own positioning issues. Their website needs to know what it is, what conversion rate it wants to achieve, what product (service) to sell, or direct Guide users to register and become members;

The marketing of the design of the landing page of the website starts with the clarity of every detail. From the large theme unit to the small CTA button, it is necessary to design from the above goals. The dedication is that the marketing cohesion of the website page is the overall goal of this case ;

The effectiveness of any button on the website is closely related to the marketing guidance of the page. Before establishing the CAT button, you may wish to think from the perspective of the user to design the button;

The CTA button design of the page is a necessary choice for the landing page to guide the user to click, so for the CTA button design, the page needs to highlight the influence of this button, so that the user enters the website page to see the button intuitively; thus allowing the user to click ;

The design of the marketing page of the website is not completely through the product, the understanding of the product information can be understood from other pages, and the design of the landing page needs to have the role of guiding the user so that it has the idea of ​​buying to meet the actual needs of the user; these are It is something that SEO optimization marketing page needs to emphasize;

The design of most landing marketing pages needs to be completed in many steps. Do web visitors have to fill out a long form to describe? This is a threshold for SEO optimized marketing pages. Maybe users need to call the physical keyboard and mouse to create One account, or need to switch between different browsers to complete;

You can try to ask visitors to provide basic information, so as to create an account to fill in the user’s information, try to simplify the user’s registration process, and provide a social media account login is not the best option?

As long as we answer the user ’s questions well and the search engines can see us better, we can get a better ranking and get more high-quality visitors.

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