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1、 Article Title Optimization

1. The title of the article should be novel. There is no repetition on the Internet. It is not necessary to pay too much attention to grammar and logic, but it must have new ideas. 2. It should meet the user’s search needs, and directly poke the user’s pain points. 3. It should incorporate the article keywords into the title. The keywords appear in the first half of the title. 4. The title of the article should be controlled within 30 Chinese characters, preferably no more than 25.

2、 Article keyword layout

The title of the article should contain key words, which should be consistent with the theme of the content;

The number of key words is 3-5, which should not be too many. The first sentence of the first paragraph must have key words, which appear about 3 times in the middle, and the last sentence must contain key words:

Keywords must reflect the current page content, without considering the whole content of the website;

Keywords must be searched by users in this way, which is in line with users’ search habits.

3、 Article description writing

1. The description must include key words, with no more than three times of occurrence; 2. Baidu has word segmentation technology, which does not always put one key word together, such as “senior web marketing website case” can be divided into “Senior Web” and “marketing website case”; 3. Control the number of words written in the description, with no more than 100 words; 4. Give consideration to the content theme in the description and writing, and be clear about the product characteristics, For the use of requirements or pain points, refine the statements to highlight the points of user concern.

4、 Article content layout requirements

Whether the website can get a good ranking in search engine, the quality is very important. Search engine will judge whether the content of the website is of high quality, helpful to users, can solve users’ problems, and whether it is updated frequently.

1. Bold processing of key words in article content

The structure is clear, the structure of the article adopts 1 / 2 / 3 point type, which is convenient for users to read and quickly obtain the content;

Key words appear 3-5 times in the content section, control the density of key words

Each paragraph should not be too many, control less than 100 words, reduce the user’s reading pressure

Important sentences can set background color to attract users’ attention

Combined with graphics and text, pay attention to the relevance between the image content and the collar content.

5、 Picture optimization

ALT tag and title tag should be added to the picture. The content expressed by the tag should match the content of the page, and key words should be integrated

The size of the image must meet the proportion of the search engine, which is conducive to display on the left side of the search results page

The picture is placed at the back of the — paragraph. Don’t start with the picture

Add text at the bottom of the picture to directly show the original meaning of the picture

The image content must be related to the page content, and it is HD, and the volume size cannot exceed 200KB.

The editor of the main article can write according to the keyword, product and service orientation of the website. In this regard, the Website Optimizer can establish a website keyword table, classify the company’s target keywords, long tail keywords and ranked keywords one by one, and optimize the writing of a certain type of keywords according to a certain time allocation.

Secondly, the content of the article must be professional, there should be no mistakes and typography, ALT should be added to the picture of the article, H should be added to the appropriate position, the key words density in the center of the article should be more than 2%, and the layout should be natural;

The setting of the three elements of the content page should be related. The format of the title can be set as article title + website name, the keyword can be set as the central keyword of the article, the description can be set as the first paragraph of the article, or you can write a paragraph according to the central meaning of the article, and embed keywords in it.

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