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Website title needs to consider the writing of the title from both the search engine and the user, both to ensure fluency, easy for the user to understand the main purpose of the page, but also to include keywords to aid search engine understanding. The titles of different pages of the same website need to be unique to prevent the same website from generating a large amount of copied content, resulting in a reduction in rights.

Title keyword accumulation is a problem that most webmasters are prone to commit. Perhaps everyone still stays in the previous optimization ideas. The more keywords the title covers, the more relevant the search engine will think. In fact, with the continuous upgrade of search engine algorithms, this accumulation is useless except for affecting the user experience. If the accumulation is too obvious, it will adversely affect SEO optimization, which may even lead to search engine penalties, so we must maintain the page title. Simple and clear, smooth and easy to understand.

Page title order is the order in which the title keywords of each page are displayed. The pages of a general website are divided into a home page, a column page, and an article page. The order of the front and back positions of the keywords in each page is also very particular. Many places have said that there are 3-5 core keywords in the home page title. We put the most important words that are large in search and difficult to optimize first, followed by other words. Because the crawling order of search ban is from left to right, the search engine that is crawled first will assign a higher weight to the word, which is conducive to optimization. It may only need to send a small number of links to get a good ranking. .

Presenting keywords in the form of phrases is much better than using keywords directly. Setting specific keywords on each of your pages will help you maximize the exposure of your website. Make sure to optimize your website title to ensure that every single page on the website has a unique title. If you need to use multiple keywords to optimize your title tags, use the separator “|” or hyphen “-” to separate them. It is better to put the most important keywords at the beginning than at the end. If it is possible for people to search your website by abbreviations, make sure it can be included in your title tag.

Keywords can be laid out in the title of each page, the home page is the core keyword, the secondary keywords can be placed in the title, the long tail off hard words are placed in the article page label, but if each page title is the same. This will result in the following results:

1) Lose the opportunity to display many keywords. There is no user search word in the title. Baidu will definitely not show the website to the user when the user searches for it. Even if it is included, it will be the same title. content;

2) There is competition within the station, which is Neijiang. Imagine that when a search engine comes to your website and finds that each page has the same name, then he crawls these pages, but when the user searches for keywords, which page should be ranked in front of the search engine? Will affect the search The judgment of the engine. Each website is composed of a home page, several column pages and a large number of article pages. Each page has its own unique name. What is the name? The title is the name of each page. Since it is a name, it has a feature. Everyone wants the name to be unique so that it can be distinguished from others. Therefore, the title of each page of the same website is not required.

Website title needs to be edited around keywords, because keywords represent the direction of website optimization. As long as the keywords are optimized, users can see your website when they meet the search needs, which can bring more customers to the enterprise.

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